Company profile

Altech Fleetcall is a division of Altech Radio Holdings (Pty) Ltd, one of the operating companies of Altron TMT.  Altron TMT comprises of Altech and Bytes, businesses that span across the telecommunications, multi-media and IT (TMT) sectors. Altron TMT is the largest privately owned converged solution provider in Africa and is driven by a strong focus on providing customers with value-added products, specialised services, support and solutions through the convergence of TMT.

Altech Fleetcall is a commercial, national trunked radio operator that fully complies with all regulatory requirements stipulated by ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa).

Altech Fleetcall has been issued by ICASA with I-ECNS (Individual Electronic Communications Network Services) and I-ECS (Individual Electronic Communications Services) licenses.  

The network control room and main switches are situated in Centurion and is manned 24 hours, 365 days a year.  All network faults and alarms are managed and monitored from this control center and any event is appropriately responded to by the control room personnel. Maintenance and repairs are initiated through a network of qualified maintenance personnel spread countrywide.

Fleetcall has been in operation since 1994 and has built up a network of more than 180 high sites with an adequate channel capacity to provide a very good GOS (Grade of Service); the time a user has to wait before he can obtain a channel.  This is governed by ICASA and guidelines for trunked radio operators are to provide a 10% GOS.  This means in the busiest hour, less than 10% of clients should wait up to 20 seconds for an available channel on a single site.

Over the years, Fleetcall developed in-house management expertise, technical knowledge and ample experience enabling them to do the network planning, implementation, management, support and maintenance. Fleetcall monitors daily and weekly statistics for each site and continually updates and expands the high sites to ensure that the GOS is upheld.

Fleetcall offers multi-regional coverage or the choice of several regional zones and even local service options.  Fixed monthly subscription per registered radio ensures that there are no hidden costs.  Users receive unrivalled value for money, since controllers and drivers can make as many radio calls as they need without incurring additional costs.

To be a significant player in the South African economy through superior customer experience, innovation, quality and commitment that offer excellent growth opportunities.

Fleetcall, the customer's first choice for wireless communications - providing the most reliable, cost effective, wireless communication solutions to the benefit of all stakeholders.