Data Communication

NPD (Non Prescribed Data Calls) are typical used for dispatching purpose and requires a PC and dispatcher software.

This is not a commonly used form of communication.

A monthly access fee will be charged for the area coverage required per radio. This can vary from a single site service to a regional service up to a full National service.

Unlimited Status Calls are FREE OF CHARGE.

Long data messages in a free format at 1200 bits per second are accommodated in the voice airtime quota at no extra charge.

Services such as telephone interconnect, group calls and higher priority calls are optional.

30 Different pre-defined messages are available and these messages are real time with positive receipt acknowledgement as part of the call set-up.

SDM (Short Data Messages) allows 23 characters to be sent between radios.
A monthly access charge for a country-wide data only service is applicable.

Medium Reporting
Medium Reporting allows one SDM to be sent every half an hour.

Prime Reporting
Prime Reporting allows one SDM to be sent every fifteen minutes