Voice Communication

A group call can be set up to enable users in the same fleet to talk to each other.

As an example, if a fleet consists of 50 radios, which are on the same site and a group call is initiated, each and every user can speak to the whole group. In certain instances, two- site calls will be allowed.

It is important to note when making group calls only the person who initiated the group call can clear the call.


The difference between a group call and a broadcast call is that during a broadcast call none of the activated radios can talk back.

This type of call is typically used for announcements of whatever nature.

Call logging on the radio network is equivalent to itemised billing where the data is retrieved and translated to meaningful data expressed as date, time-stamped, prefix and ident information.

Calls can be diverted from one mobile radio to another without the caller being aware that this process has taken place.