What is Trunking?

Trunking is a cost effective radio communication technique that makes communication significantly easier and more effective than traditional radio communication methods systems such as ComReps (Community Repeaters), where different users operate on separate radio frequencies or radio channels.  

A challenge with traditional radio systems is that the number of channels is often exceeded, whilst radio trunking smartly controls and guides the users toward a free channel, thereby reducing waiting times.

The principal of trunking is based on automatic and dynamic allocation of a small number of radio channels among a large number of radio users in the most efficient and transparent way.  Finding a free channel is therefore not the user’s obligation as the system does it automatically and in the shortest possible time.  Trunking therefor permits a large number of users to share a relatively small number of communication channels.  

This process is managed through tried and tested control equipment and the entire allocation process is transparent to the individual user.  Radio trunking enables a dispatcher to be in instant contact with vehicles in the fleet as trunking optimises resources to reduce queues and speed up channel allocation.